Sea Twists

Sea Twists




Dr Pia Winberg heads the Shoalhaven Marine and Freshwater Centre at the University of Wollongong and is pushing for the development of sustainable primary production industries in the oceans to address global issues of food security and nutritional deficiencies.

While consumers don’t need to worry about one day facing a bowl of seaweed porridge for breakfast, there could be seaweed flavoured toast.

Dr Winberg says seaweeds can add flavour as well as healthy benefits and be used in novel and creative ways.

She cites, as an example, some novel foods including Australian Ulva powder developed at the University of Wollongong.

“This product can be incorporated into flours and breads and other products. In contrast to this, more exotic foods such as seaweed tempura can be main dish features.”

Pia’s vision is to serve an h’ors d’oeurve suite of seaweed delights to show the world that seaweed is healthy and sustainable. Read more

30g dried and powdered Ulva (from 150g wet weight)
750g + 250g flour
50g of fresh yeast
2 tsp salt
1 tblsp sugar
300ml lukewarm water
75ml olive oil
2 egg whites beaten lightly
Coarse sea salt

Dry 150g fresh cultivated (or wild) Ulva at 70C
Grind to green powder
Weigh up to 30g of drypowder for each kg of flour
Add to flour
Knead to a firm dough in extra flour and allow dough to rise covered for 1.5 hours
(we tried four concentrations here)
Add egg whites to well developed yeast mixed with lukewarm water, salt, sugar and olive oil
Roll out dough to 2mm
Slice into 1cm strips
Twist and place on baking paper on tray, baste with water and sprinkle generously with coarse sea salt
Bake on tray in 175 C oven for up to 20 minutes until crisp, but NOT too brown. The sticks should still be green.
Let cool on tray until crisp

Pia has created some recipes using seaweed with a twist | Photographer: | Pia Winberg