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King Island Certified Organic Kelp meal for Stock Supplement & Fertilizer

Bull Kelp (Durvillaea potatorum) is collected by Kelp harvesters from clean, unpolluted waters around Tasmania and King Island.  The Kelp grows to a spectacular 8m. During a storm, kelp is torn from the rocks and cast on the beaches.  Kelp can live 14 years or longer and can grow at the rate of 10-14 cm a day. Kelp from the shores of King Island is air and solar dried followed by wood fired oven at temperature up to 75 degrees as a final milled moisture content of around 12 – 15 percent.

20 kg – $120 (TAS & Vic) 

20kg – $140 (NSW, SA, ACT) 

20kg – $150 (QLD) 

20kg – $180 (WA)Free delivery to capital city metro or customer to nomimate carrier to country address

 1 Tonne & 1/2 Tonne kelp meal available in bulka bags

Please email or ring to check availability, we arrange free delivery Australia wide to nearest capital city metro depot. Will arrange delivery to Melbourne Port for international orders.

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450g -$12

1kg – $20



2.5kg – $32


Includes postage to anywhere in Australia





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Available in 1 Tonne bulk bags